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Crazy of knowledge

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World Press

Family Wise

This is the heart of the matter! How can we bring serenity and balance to their school life ?!

School subjects

Maths, French, History, English … Some tips capsules to manage these raw materials …


Some ways to calm the game and give meaning to these sessions deemed painful by children … and their parents!

Psychosocial & Health

Going to school is also tiring. How to make the course quieter and less stressful?


Open to other ways of life where the school is not obvious, to know how to share, so many experiences to grow.

Outside School

Some ways to calm the game and give meaning to these sessions deemed painful by children … and their parents!.

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A propos du blog

When I say “Happy at school!…
Many parents raise their eyes to the sky (some with their arms!) And sigh: “Well, we’re far from it! “. Yet it is possible. For every child, there are possible paths …
The blog Happy at School offers you a maximum of information to bring more serenity in the school life of your child, to get out of the logic of notes. Reflections, points of view, tips to reduce the pressure in family. Capsules of common sense to promote their autonomy, bring out their talents, develop their self-esteem.

Is there something more exciting, more amazing than watching your child go on, learn skills, discover skills? Is there a more gratifying experience than finding a solution to his academic difficulties or his demotivation? For that, they need us completely. To know that we find them great, to be heard saying “You’ll get there, you’ll see how interesting”. To know that we will take the time, above all, to be benevolent and attentive.

In the bustle of the world and in our dailies under pressure, with the feeling that our children are “swallowed up” very early by technology, we have to take our share, dare to transmit a certain way of being in the world in constant complementarity with the world. ‘school. In partnership with teachers.

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Auteur et journaliste, portée par la conviction qu’une société ouverte et créatrice prend sa source dans la qualité éducative prodiguée à ses enfants.
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