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Anne Leguy

For a long time a journalist in education, I also worked for the great adventure of the Web. I am still a consultant in this field.

But pedagogy, child psychology and writing have never ceased to be my primary questioning and are now my main commitment.
They have led me to produce a number of books devoted to education, family issues and social phenomena, such as the desire to “change one’s life”. By the way, this last question is not so far from education! Many of us dream of changing our life to finally reach our authenticity, to assume freedom in our choices. To live their singular human dimension that too often their education has scorned.

Following the ancient precept – “Know thyself” – how can we accompany today’s children so that they become balanced adults, flexible and capable of adaptation, of autonomy in their journey?


Anne Leguy

How can we alleviate these fears that stress children on all sides without providing a real path? How can we get away from this contemporary temptation to lock children into categories? How can we restore meaning to education, between families and schools that are better associated?

Accompanying parents and children who ask for it
In addition to my books, I accompany families who wish to resolve their difficulties and to give meaning to the education, and therefore to the schooling, of their children.

My listening skills are at their service by sharing with parents and children this simple but demanding idea: there is no fatality. On the contrary, there is in each of us an incredible possibility of modification, of emergence, of renewed self-perception, of a project for ourselves and with others.

It is enough to undertake the process, to devote a little time to it, not to be afraid of it. Here are some of my books, to which two websites are linked:



Rose à la plage,
les enfants dans la lune

The first book devoted to daydreamers children

Always in his dreams, a little apart from the others… Does this remind you of someone?

The child in the moon is a universal phenomenon that has been seen in all eras, in all societies and in many languages. Often mentioned when talking about attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD), these dreamy children are, however, the antithesis of these diagnoses. Their attitude is also sometimes similar to that of so-called precocious children, but they do not fit in completely.

You, parents, are often perplexed by your child, so charming but so atypical. The school asks you to “do something”, but few people around you are able to help you. How to explain their attitude? How to help them grow and accompany them? How do you bring out their potential?

“To be in the moonlight is in fact to be in possession of a fragile treasure,
but a treasure nonetheless”.

Editions de L’Etudiant, 2019


Heureux à l'école / Happy at school

School is both a familiar and a frightening universe in front of which we are often disoriented. But these very legitimate fears should not paralyze us. On the contrary! We must gradually learn to know this new world and master its codes.

This book sets the stage by providing answers to the essential questions: Can we choose our child’s school? How can you move from one school to another? What are the cycles in elementary school? How are parent representative elections held? How does the school help the most difficult students? How do we react to a diagnosis of dyslexia? Is foreign language learning effective? These are all questions that we should ask ourselves in order to find our place as parents in and out of school.


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