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Learning is a joy and it is to pass on to our children
Good attitudes

Passing on the joy of learning to your children

How can we teach our children that learning is also a joy and a source of satisfaction? Because by getting involved and persevering, we develop an attitude of openness, questioning and curiosity? Endless discovery! Why does this obvious fact remain so absent from

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Benoit Califano, documentariste, journaliste
Schools around the world

Benoît Califano, schooling in this world

Benoît Califano was a great school documentary maker. He passed away at the age of 56, in December 2023.He was also a journalist for France Inter and Arte. And a teacher at the Ecole supérieure de journalisme (ESJ) in Montpellier. His documentaries questions

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La lampe à histoires Minusculette
Non classés @en

Before sleeping : 3 stories of minusculette

Les aventures of Minusculette The adventures of Minusculette are written by Kimiko* and illustrated by Christine Davenier*. Two experts in the field of children’s literature! They tell little children the sweet and wonderful adventures of their heroine Minusculette. Here, kindness and gentleness reign,

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Choisir le chinois seconde langue
Foreign languages

Choosing Chinese as a second language for your child

Chinese is a beautiful language and one of the most widely used in the world. Many parents wonder whether it is appropriate to choose the “Chinese option” for their child’s schooling. What about you? Chinese, this fascinating language More than 1.4 billion Chinese

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The very 1st book devoted to children in the moon

Does he/she always seem to be hovering? Always off the mark? A budding engineer? And you, always on the waiting list of specialists to find out why something's wrong? When, from your point of view, your child is doing just fine? Welcome to the world of child dreamers! The true sages of our time! I'll take you through the problem and suggest some solutions!


“The aim of all education should be to project each individual into the adventure of a life to be discovered, guided and built.”

Albert Jacquard