Before and after school
there is home!


L'importance de l'écriture cursive

L’écriture manuelle et cursive (en attachant les lettres) est d’une grande importance pour la formation de la pensée et … la beauté du geste !!!! Voici pourquoi…

Heureux a l'école
Tips for growing up

How to make everyday life easier so that our children are “happy at school”. No magic wand. Just a few thoughts and tips about homework, precociousness, homework, friends…


"The objective of all education should be to project each person into the adventure of a life to be discovered, directed, and built."​

Albert Jacquard


The first book about Daydreaming children

Does he/she always seem to be high? Always being off the mark? Is he/she a budding engineer?
And what about you? Always in the waiting room of specialists to find out why something is wrong? When from your point of view your child is doing just fine? Welcome to the world of child dreamers! True sages of our time! I'll take a look at the problem and suggest some solutions!