Benoît Califano, schooling in this world

Benoit Califano, documentariste, journaliste

Benoît Califano was a great school documentary maker. He passed away at the age of 56, in December 2023.
He was also a journalist for France Inter and Arte. And a teacher at the Ecole supérieure de journalisme (ESJ) in Montpellier.

His documentaries questions us: what is a country’s school, at a given moment in its history and the conditions in which it operates?
What this reveals about the condition of children, the consideration of knowledge, of the energies expended by parents and olders (parents and teachers) and also the little ones, who are so demanding, to keep their school that information circulates, and that the sharing of experiences form the basis of research for new generations.

The most to describe Benoît Califano’s approach to research, is to line up the titles of his documentaries:

  • Algérie-Montpellier aller simple (2000) ;
  • Afghanistan, retour à l’école (2002);
  • Palestine, une école en souffrance (2003);
  • Roms, la mémoire retrouvée (2003),
  • Maroc, l’école en marche (2004)
  • Bosnie, à l’école des nationalismes (2005),
  • Les nouveaux hussards de la Réublique (2006).

Discover few exemples of his documentaries

Merci, Monsieur Califano.

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