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I created this blog in 2006, following the publication of my book “Happy at school” (Editions L’Etudiant). It is also an opportunity to bounce back on the exchanges I have with parents in TV and radio programs in which I participate, with the teachers I interview, with the children who tell me about their school life.
The blog “Happy at school” brings together for you a maximum of information to bring more serenity in the school life of your child, to get out of the logic of the notes. Reflections, expert points of view, tips to reduce pressure in the family.
Children more serene, more confident in themselves, less stressed by school, it is possible. But this can not happen without the parents taking the time to accompany and encourage their children.

When I say “Happy at school”, many parents raise their eyes to the sky (some with their arms!) And sigh: “Well, we’re far from it!” Yet it is possible. There are possible paths.
Is there something more exciting, more amazing than watching your child go forward, make progress, discover? For that, they, they need us completely.
It’s probably easier for graduating parents who have the keys. But for all of us, it means trust: to know that we find them great, to hear ourselves say “you’ll get there, you’ll see how interesting”. To know that we will take the time to find solutions if it blocks school side.Here, it will be about the real life of the people, the homework, the communication with the teacher, the school that goes a little into the life of the house and our values ​​(whatever they are) that we have to transmit to them.
We, you, parents.All, we did not want to “HAVE” children, but to transmit life, the throbbing, that gives meaning to our journey and opens our loulous to a tomorrow full of opportunities. To transmit so that the journey of man or woman develops and blossoms beyond us.
Give them the opportunity, help them acquire the means to build an existence in their original version. Not necessarily formatted as a TV show or a frozen pizza.Here. This is a blog, not a conference at the Harvard! Your comments are therefore highly anticipated!


Anne Leguy

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