The first book about daydreaming children​

Livre : L'Enfant dans la lune

To be in the moon is to be the custodian of a fragile treasure, but a treasure nonetheless.

Like the Little Prince who appeared from elsewhere, “a thousand miles from any inhabited Earth”, the children in the moon seem to many – you parents, other adults and other children – to be both very nice, enigmatic, but elusive. In short, in their world.

I wrote this book so that all the lucky parents of these children who are able to work things out for themselves would stop thinking that their bubbled-up girl or dreamy boy would be out of place.

The school tells you to “do something”.

… But few people around you are able to help.
How can you help them grow and accompany them? How can we help them to blossom?

And finally this question: do we still have the right to dream in this world under permanent control?
Rose takes you to the land of children in the moon. Follow her !

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