Max is in the moon: what a funny guy!

Max est dans la lune D de Saint Mars

This nice Max is a wonderful boy, only he is high and this exasperates his contemporaries: the grown-ups but also the children! With his nose in the wind, he doesn’t see his entourage, he thinks about other things and finds it very practical to leave the material things to be managed to his entourage!

Needless to say, this complicates the lives of others. He does not take this position out of cynicism or pride. No, not at all! He prefers to be on his cloud, that’s all!

A book to talk about it with your child

This little story by Dominique de Saint Mars illustrated by Serge Bloch is part of an extra-ordinary collection that deals with all the questions – big and small – of children’s daily lives: it is the collection “Ainsi va la vie”, published by Calligram.
“Max est dans la lune”, by Dominique de Saint Mars and Serge Bloch, Editions Caligram, 2005 (but still on sale new & used) : 5,50 €.

and to complete : “Rose à la plage, les enfants dans la lune

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