A parent of a student is also a former student

Parent school mate you are, school mate you were

This unforgettable “third” passenger

When you drive your child to school, you unknowingly embark a third passenger: the student you have been. Exploration!

You hold his little hand in yours, which, suddenly, seems to you immense. And even a little wrinkled, so the handcuff of your hero is smooth, chubby, confident. Smooth of all experience, especially. You feel responsible for its fragility. You would like to protect it. And yet, the school – with its flaws and qualities – will emancipate it.

The moment to part a bit

This worries. We could stick to the respective roles. You parent, not always ripe to distend this beautiful fusional relationship with your little one. She / he, not always ready to leave the cocoon …

But, there is a shadow on the board. A diffuse shadow, pale, impalpable. By a circumvolution whose life has the secret – because it is a passage to “drop” one’s child to school – an echo is recognizable. A sensation, if you want to pay attention.

It’s about you. Not you now. We just talked about it. No. You … yesterday, the day before yesterday in the same place. That of the child in class. And you can not imagine how it will affect your role as a parent, your report to teachers, what you will say about the school to your child.

A 360 ° palette

I can not in a single article, list the sensations that the school could generate in each of us. It goes deep anxiety, the fear of having no place, the boredom, the stigma of not being “in the norm” … Until the enthusiasm to discover a subject, to know that we know do something, astonishment for a historical detail told in class, etc … Sometimes even the little interest in the subjects taught but the early discovery of his talent to board a group in the playground. A little tourist and yet great leader!

The child you have been in class

You will find your profile by yourself … It’s finally so cool in itself. However, in your way of reading the newsletters, to speak to a teacher by asking yourself immediately as a victim or a demanding consumer, your reaction to a bad note perceived as the alarm of school failure insured … There is always, somewhere, the child you have been in class.

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