Being happy begins at home

The school, often criticized for not doing enough, can do very little without our family education. Yet our agendas do not allow us to be as assiduous as we would like for the schooling of our children.

Our displeasure with their ill will is commonplace. Our fears of failing school tease us without us knowing how, if he pointed his nose, we could fight him. You will find on this blog tracks – never recipes, because there is none! – to give meaning to the schooling of your child. Because he needs you to pose for him, for her, a framework and reassuring rules. Because his health and his good physical condition, sesame of his learning, you incumbent first. Because your word on the school is only legitimate if you invest yourself daily in this universe.

Finally, because by putting the notes and the assessments in their proper place, you have the wonderful opportunity to demonstrate to your child that learning is great. It makes you grow and often makes you happy. Good grades will appear on their own, becoming consequences and not goals. Since the school, with its dense programs, can no longer answer for its etymology (skholê: “leisure”), we are in charge of a very rewarding mission: to make them discover that to learn is also about order of discovery and if possible, lightness.

He’s already a student. It’s forever your child. This deserves to take the time to walk at school and value everything he or she learns during these elementary school years.

The rest will wait.

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