How to organize her / his bedroom

Rentrée : bien organiser la chambre de votre enfant

A child’s room is a territory

The child’s bedroom is a place of rest, a private nest and a work area. How will you link the useful with the pleasant for a quiet school year? A child’s bedroom is for sleeping, it’s for playing, laughing and doing pillow fights, but it’s also a work space. So, so that the school year is spent in serenity, why not revisit the child’s room with him? Why not revisit the child’s room with her / him?

… And especially with them, when children have to share this space? From one year to the next, the needs are not the same.

More books and notebooks, new materials:

Are there enough shelves to store all this and make it easier to fill the binder? And then the child growing up: is his desk and his chair at his height? If you fought last year against this chair that pivots and waddles, why not negotiate a more stable seat? Side school supplies, there is the phase of the purchase, and then the storage.

Giving benchmarks to the child allows him to organize, so less stress:
– all the utilities (eraser, sharpener, stapler, glue tube …) in a drawer;
– draft or drawing sheets in another;
– everything about painting (used once a week), in another.

It’s the child who must drive her / his organization

The important thing in all of this is that the child is actively involved in this new organization. It’s his space, his room, he has to feel good and he feels that you trust him. If he intuitively finds things, it’s good storage… And not necessarily according to your adult logic!

Have fun together to change the furniture, test other lights, put the music or the computer otherwise.

And try to avoid TV & smartphone in the room

I know that I preach in the desert, but at all costs = avoid television in the room !!!. That’s better like that. The return home will be sweeter and more comforting. Especially when the fatigue during winter will have begun.

Good back-to-school season !!!

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