Offer your child Guatemala worry dolls

Offer your child Guatemala worry dolls

A very caring friend (a friend, what!) has just offered me worry dolls from Guatemala … In Spanish, they are known under the name of Quitapenas, in other words “Leave bitterness” … and that’s well the real power that these tiny figurines diffuse! The Quitepenas, it works!

Entrust your worries
It is well known: giving a benevolent friend his punishment is the best way to ward off his troubles, worries and other hassles. But sometimes, when one is a child, to say what one has on the heart is very difficult… It is there that the tiny dolls of Guatemala enter the scene. Tiny, they absorb the big worries!

Deep Guatemalan tradition
In Guatemala, all the little children have Quitapenas: made with three times nothing, they have the shimmering beauty of the colors of South America. Made of a little wood, wire, cloth, cardboard, they are produced by the big ones; sometimes the parents with the little ones. This attention, this priceless gift is in my opinion the reason for their power: small dolls are made with the desire and the certainty of soothing. No need for a modern psychologist in traditional Guatemalan / Maya society: offering magical powers is almost an elegance to grow children.

How does it work, the Quitapenas?
They are six … All different and offered either in a small wooden chip box, or in a cloth pouch, so small that it fits well in a hand of 4 years old. The child spreads them on his bed and tells his worries to the little dolls. A question of trust and intimacy before settling in bed. Then, the child puts his good fairies under his pillow … The night passes, and there, in the morning, it is obligatory, they removed all the sorrows of the day before ! Magical !!!

Where to find them?
Stores that sell South American products, obviously … Also on the Internet … of course …

My friend found my Quitapenas in a surprising place: at the shop of the Museum of the Jacobins, Auch … And why there, precisely? Well, because this museum has the second largest collection of pre-Columbian art in France! We learn every day. But if you do not go through Auch (think about it, that said), be inventive: it’s not very complicated to create your own Quitepenas … The material is in the house, patience in our motivation, remains to to have really little clever fingers … it’s good … they just crossed the living room!

In short, a delicate gift, sweet and so effective … You will make your child serene!

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