The joker de Paris, the temple of board games

Le Joker de Paris, temple des jeux de société

The board games are edited by the thousands

Yet, it contains thousands of games of all kinds. There is floor to ceiling, in the true sense of the word. And the boss says he is offered nearly 800 a year.

Above all, the store is animated by a passionate: kind of Google of the board game, it responds to your unlikely quests by another crucial question: “C’est pour qui” ?”>>>>> “For whom?” “How does the child live”? “What does he like”? “Is he a dreamer, a find-all engineer, or a joker?”

In short, almost homeopathic doctor questions concerned with the temperament of his patient. Not only does it get you THE game you need, but it really goes further = Monsieur opens the boxes and invites you to do some tours with him so that you can evaluate the interest of the activity. This is how I ended up with other customers {and the boss} in a game of “Compatibility”, without having really had the time to say “No!”. Friendly.

So you will find absolutely everything

Puzzles in large numbers, mini Chinese puzzle, beautiful games of Go, poker, blackjack for adults! And even games that you have not seen since your childhood (1000 Bornes, The Laughing Pig or “Operation”…) and a game of wooden games.

It is also the address of the psychomotricians and the speech therapists who find there an interlocutor of great competence … Because you know it: the game helps to grow, refines the strategic intelligence, sociabilizes the players embarked on the same adventure, invites to manipulate cards, tokens, dice …
Real life to share … wrong … but for real! In short, to use his head and – finally! – to use his hands!

All the better: it changes big box stores selling cardboard boxes with not much in it! And games on screens where we do not share anything of the human condition.
Here, you have an appointment with the unpredictable. Between the Marais and the Beaubourg center, you will have the chance to play and make beautiful gifts (from a few euros).

The video to discover the place

Scoop !!! = The Joker of Paris opened his new place, with more room to play together: it is 73 rue Montorgueil – 75002 Paris. If you do not know the street, do not miss either the “chocolate éclair” of the Pastry Storher (historical supplier of the queen Marie-Antoinette and still in activity) and for the big ones, opposite, the Rock of Cancale for its oysters (and History: it was a restaurant that Balzac frequented and which serves as a backdrop to many of his novels) … A beautiful family walk in perspective!


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