The right gadgets to customize a child’s bike

Cadeau offrez un casque de vélo à votre enfant

The children’s bike : this feeling of autonomy !

The bicycle is for many children a symbol of freedom, autonomy, speed, … of joy!

At the beginning, it’s hard, you have to listen to the grown-ups and their thousands of contradictory advices : “Press on the pedals”, “Keep the handlebars straight”, “Look in front of you” [Well, but I still have to pay attention to what my legs are doing !]

It is a challenge of coordination… and of annoyance of those who know towards those for whom it is not obvious [the children].
And then, little by little, the pedaling is more fluid and an immense feeling of freedom invades you.

A bike you’ll love

But frankly, why have the SAME bike as everyone else? The world of stickers is over… Make way for a wealth of low-cost gifts!

Here is an excellent site – – (also made for adults) that will allow you to renew your ideas of cheap gifts but that really please. Frankly, it starts at 3 or 4 euros… Success guaranteed!

We start with the raisienne, these little bikes without pedals but which have the advantage to teach balance to the little ones: you skate while holding the handlebars. Then, here are all kinds of bikes and even very useful trailers for the parents.

My favorite!

I really have a weakness for : The horn, the helmet and the panniers for the snack!

Casque crazy stuff

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