The History of History of France, by Thierry Laudrain

Thierry Laudrain publishes a monumental comic: the History of France, in 40 pages, from Big Bang to Louis XIV!

Why History lessons might be difficult for kids

One of the resistances to the knowledge of history, it is generally the millions of infos, spread over the immense times. It must be admitted: it is not always easy to remember, especially for children who are already struggling to be in a school year! Thierry Laudrain is not a historian but he is a talented draftsman. He immersed himself in all the complexity of the History of France to draw the extreme substance. Do you think! It deals in only 40 pages the trajectory that goes from BigBang to Louis XIV …

Being “at once clear, light and funny”!

Of course, the tone is that of humor and some bias are a bit easy. But we laugh a lot and we also learn a lot. Being “at once clear, light and funny”! For children …. but also their parents and even their grandparents Reading this comic, I told myself that, under the guise of humor, Thierry Laudrain had found the way to a sacred remedial course for children and teens who have trouble retaining the logical sequence of all these historical periods , their highlights, what to remember.

Refresh your knowledge !

This History of the History of France will never replace textbooks, classes in class, trips to the museum, period films. But it’s a very nice idea to refresh your memory. Refresh your memory? but yes, this comic is not exclusively for children. Put it carelessly in the living room, take a moment and refresh your knowledge.

The History of French History, Volume 1 [from Big Bang to Louis XIV], by Thierry Laudrain > Volume 2 is scheduled for September 2019 Bamboo Edition, 2019, 48 pages – € 10.95 (really, a small gift) I invite you to discover Bamboo Edition which has a beautiful catalog of comics, but also two other catalogs: “Wide angle” which publishes realistic comics and Doki-Doki who publishes manga. Publishing house that does a good job, with many quality authors, reasonable prices and beautiful stories …

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