Extracurricular activities: your observation field

Les activités extra-scolaires, votre terrain d'observation

Soccer, judo, dance or swimming. The first years of school life are often accompanied by so-called “extracurricular” activities, a term that speaks volumes. As parents, do we place these activities in the sphere of pure leisure, relaxation or do we not seek to “perfect” education with other skills, other “plus” assuming a “victory”? It is often this second option that is at stake, coupled with the desires – all the same – of our children. These extraccuricular activities, outside of school, are in any case an excellent field of observation of the talents, the tastes, the behavior of his child.

Focus on the positive
Does it flap from one sport to another without becoming fixed, is it stubborn in the sporting learning that it imposes itself? Why does he have such a concentration ability on a tennis court and so little in the class? Why does he fight in sports competition and play school tourists? What link or gap exists between extracurricular activities and school?

Know thyself
It is also another way of approaching your child with his life and, perhaps, his difficulties at school. It is an opportunity, in speaking of his favorite sport or his philatelic club, to make him aware of his talents, his successes. To get to know each other better, through his tastes but also his way of doing things: more or less physical, analytical, strategic, dreamlike … It is then possible to build on the way in which the child operates in his or her successes outside school. help them to become aware of it and invite them to implement the same strategies to retain their lessons, listen to the teacher, etc.

“We are never better than where we are good! ”
Tomorrow, in middle school, when it comes to orientation, this good knowledge of one’s own tastes and the awareness of one’s capital of experiences will usefully stimulate the choices of orientation.
This is not a detail! As well to move in sectors, with skills, where we know to have a real appetite, a real talent and a joy to do. Not necessarily to become a tennis teacher or lifeguard at sea (though :)). But to withdraw from his experiences valuable information about his desire to work in a group – or not – to have a biorhythm sprinter or rather a marathoner, ect …

And it is from early childhood that we must pay attention … with benevolence and without tension on … the mirage of “success” !!!

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