Share a quiet moment with your child

Partager un moment de calme avec votre enfant

End of holidays: it is time to take back the daily newspaper and, for our children, the way of the school. What if it was an opportunity to revitalize our role as a parent?

Of course, replacing regular rhythms, without going to bed late, without screens before going to bed, with less sugar and noise, that’s good. But among the good resolutions, why not say that we will institute at least once a week a “quiet time” to live together. Just us.

Quiet time?
Nice title that requires a little effort. Because it’s for you and your child to sit down and REALLY share this moment (an hour will seem long the first time – if, if – start with 20 minutes … I’m not kidding). When I say share, it is: turn off all the screens, the gameboys (no gamegirls in our world!), But also your smartphone or your tablet. We turn off ALL!

To be more and better present with your child
It is an invitation to be present at the other: in this case your child. Why would he listen to you, would he think of your word as important if you never devote that quality of time to him?
Tell a story huddled on the couch, following with your finger and making tons when the lion roars …
The finger that follows the letters helps little ones incorporate spelling, lion roars to understand the changes of tone and dramatization in a story. Very important for language learning and reading. For older children, pass the baton … “To you, now, read me the story”. This time, it is question of gaining confidence in reading aloud. For you, this will be the opportunity to evaluate the good mastery of this exercise, so essential in a schooling. To know to read with fluidity.

Make puzzles, essential to organize in space. There are children who associate pieces by colors, those who make all the edges, so many indications of their way of doing things. Captivating !!! Get started in the Kapla (here I have an incredible address * very sustainable development and made in France) or prefer cooking … guiding, but also leaving your cooking. Learning autonomy!
In short, take this time. It’s educational for her (him). This is the best of the parental stressors. You will see that you are going to lower the tension of time in favor of a listening space. A kind of nest, what! Spend time with them. Calmly. Without the challenge of success. Be exponential when they succeed, find the right piece that makes a figure appear in the puzzle, or when they recognize letters in the story you read …

Share this … for the joy of doing it together. Because you give them confidence. Like when they took their first step. You were frankly for nothing (that’s right, no? !!!) but it is in your eyes that they have drawn that they had just made a conquest.

Hey, your smartphone just made “Ting! »… You have an SMS … No, you’re not going to see who’s writing to you … you’re caught … !!!

Not easy ? But if you will do that very well …

Get started! It is magic !

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