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When your school history affects your dialogue with teachers

Your school history has a lot to do with how you interact with your children’s teacher. Explanation!
The parent/teacher dialogue often starts when things are going badly

As you may have noticed, we often talk to teachers when things are “hot”. When your child has made a mistake, has not handed in an assignment or is failing a subject. Result: it’s unpleasant and above all counterproductive! As mentioned in a previous article, it is useful to ask yourself the question of your own relationship with school, the time of your own school life. Here is a small list:
A small portrait of yourself as a schoolboy / girl

Look for yourself in this list (if you have other ideas, please add them in comments):

You were not the type to raise your hand to ask for an explanation
About your parents, you had to hide the fact that they couldn’t read or write well
You liked school for the friends, but not for the class
Conversely, you liked being in class but had no friends
You were terrified to go to the blackboard (because you didn’t know the “solution”, the “formula”)
You were great in class and a bit of a teacher’s pet
You repeated a grade in elementary school (your parents, and therefore you, were told that this was not encouraging)
Your parents put pressure on you from the beginning to the end… (you do this at the office)

Let’s see again…

It was in fifth grade that we realized that you were… nearsighted!!! That doesn’t help and you feel like we could have worried about it earlier!
You were perpetually over the moon and “not there”…. A UFO to everyone!
The teacher’s authority was imposing on you. The strong authority continues to destabilize you and walking into a classroom to talk to the teacher stresses you out
You always spent two years after your “so great” brother or sister in the class of the same teacher who told you = “We hope you will do even better”!
You were always a little pressured and Sunday night was not a good time (it’s still the day before Monday at the office)…

It’s up to you to explore this past and make your own list

You can take a paper and a pencil and make your own Chinese portrait in school life. You don’t have to publicize it. But read this list again two days later and ask yourself

what stresses you about your child’s schooling ;
your ability to talk to teachers (if it’s difficult, there are PTAs in every school to support you.

Have fun adding to my lists in the “Comments” section below this article with your own feelings.
Say, what is the influence of this past?

First of all, this history can only influence your dialogue with your child’s teacher. That feeling that you are not going to be heard anyway, that you don’t know where to start…

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