Tidy up your room, know how to give your toys away

Savoir donner ses jouets

Ernest and Calixte have grown up. Some of their toys “look like babies” in their room. And why not give on the Web to less spoiled children?

To give, rather than to sell at 3 € ?

The idea of doing a whole procedure on auction sites to resell 3 euros for 5 decks of cards does not excite you. And putting them on the street seems shameful, considering all the people who can’t make ends meet anymore.
I have YOUR solution: donate on this small site without ads: www.recupe.net. There is no merchant behind it, just an enterprising Internet user who created the site. It takes 2 minutes to register your ad and it’s free. Moreover, it is good for the environment because there are no more materials, toys, clothes still functional in the dumps.
A list like the Prevert

Everything is given there: grass, toys, household appliances, clothes, manure and old trucks (big ones this time). But also school desks, painting equipment, sneakers, sweatshirts or jeans.

Let’s destock in solidarity. To have lived it, it is often also beautiful meetings with men and women, dads and moms, who thanks to you will be able to improve the ordinary. In any case, Ernest and Calixte already have many ideas in mind to fill their den again…

Of course, there are many other sites:
– Donate.org
– Donate everything
– And, of course = Recupe.net to give your toys

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